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Garlex Pizza and Ribs has been serving Pleasanton customers with the highest quality food and service since 1986. We deliver to the entire Pleasanton city. We strive to serve you the freshest and tastiest products available with a great variety of selections at affordable prices. And our pizzas are one size bigger than others!

Our success is our quality and consistency. We use 100% real mozzarella cheese, unbleached flour and fresh, wholesome, premium quality ingredients to make the tastiest pizza you ever had.

Are you a Health Watcher? Here is the good news! Fresh chopped garlic is our signature ingredient, used to enhance our pizza's flavor and promote our customer’s health. We make our pizza dough everyday and ferment it in the refrigerator for two days to develop a wonderful, complex flavor (wine gets better with age for the same reason).

Try our food and we guarantee you will not be disappointed!!!